Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

Not much to do this week except do some extra maintenance on the bike. We have had way too much rain for the last week and we have rain and storms in the forecast every day this week through next Monday. My front yard is currently a swamp, but the birds are making good use of it. As of this morning I believe we have the state record for the most birds taking a bath at one time!

No riding this past weekend so I just put in some extra maintenance. I have had both wheels off of the bike, cleaned and greased the axles, checked the wheel bearings and spokes. I have taken the shock off and cleaned and greased the joint on it, cleaned the air filter and changed the oil and filters and checked the swingarm bearings and steering head bearings.

On the last ride I had I managed to find good ole terrafirma again and in doing so popped the right side radiator out of the rubber gromets that hold it against the frame. Upon attempting to reinsert the gromets, I discovered the lower bolt had snapped off in the frame. No problem, I'll just drill the bolt and pop it out with an easy out . I will have it back together in 10 minutes. Once I drain the radiator fluid, unhook the hoses and take the left side radiator off, I start drilling. I go through 2 bits just trying to get a hole centered in the bolt remnant. Once I finally get a hole centered, I put an easy out in and ... nothing. Ok, I need a bigger easy out for better bite on the cantankerous little piece of metal. After drilling a larger hole, using a larger easy out ... I get the new improved nothing. Now the only thing left to do but drill it all the way out and retap the threads. So after all is done and put back together, coolant added back in and checked for leaks on the hoses, a 10 minute job turned into 3 hours.

My bike is ready to go, we have a new ride mapped out and we have probably another 4-5 days of rain ahead of us. I'm not sure when we will get to ride next, but my bike is definitely ready. At least we didn't do anything stupid like this guy above did ... at least not yet!