Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Geese Gone Wild

It has rained so much, we now have canadian geese taking up residence in out yard. The last 4 days we have had anywhere from 2 to 6 geese jsut hanging out with us. They are pretty cool and not very afraid of you. In fact they really don't pay much attention to you at all.

Not much going on this week except rain and hurting. As of Saturday, for the previous 10 days we had received 7.5 inches of rain. We received rain Saturday night, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with a lot of lightning on Sunday and Tuesday. Oh, and thunderstorms in the forecast for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Are you starting to see a pattern developing? I'm going to need a brush hog to mow my yard by the time it dries out.

With all of the extra moisture, humidity and unstable barometric pressure, my RA been hurting more than normal. Last week I spent all of my days off going through my bike getting it ready to take out and thrash through the woods. This week, I spent one day with my parents and on the way back home stopped and spent a couple of hours with my daughter.

I finally got a real cell phone again. My Razar jumped out of my hand and committed suicide in November and I have been using one of the AT&T GoPhone's (awful phone). I now am the proud owner of a new iPhone. It is so great to have a real phone again!