Thursday, March 26, 2009

Springtime in Oklahoma

It was my first day off this week and after getting up and tearing into the shower (leaky stem on shower knob), we took little dog to the dog park. I had made the comment before leaving that it looked like we might have something (storm) moving in on us before too long.

After stopping by Home Depot, we headed off to the dog park. Little dog loves to ride and bark at trucks we are meeting so she had a big time on the way to the park. As we pull up to the entrance of the park, she starts whining and can't contain her emotion. She may have a small brain but she remembers the good stuff. As we were walking around with her in the park, we noticed that the sky was getting much darker and soon we could see lightning. As the wind picked up it began cooling down ... and getting much darker with streak lightning coming all the way down to the ground. After 40 minutes, we decided it was time to go, so we packed up little dog in the back seat of the truck and headed back home.

By the time we arrived back at the house, it was dark, really dark with wind gusting up to 35 mph and lots of lightning and thunder. Little dog was fine at the dog park and in the truck but once we got home she was a nervous wreck. She was stuck to my heels, wherever I went she was under my feet cowering. The storm passed quickly, 25 minutes and you could no longer hear thunder, the wind died down and it was just lightly raining. Little dog was feeling better now. Aahhh, springtime in Oklahoma.

Picture above was taken at 4:10 pm, not quite pitch black but close.


BattyBeader said...

Gotta love springtime, fresh, new and STORMS!!!! Run, Terry, Run...

The picture of both little dog and the pending storm are fantanstic!

Jim said...

Awesome storm photo, I love storms too. Looks like little dog is bored.

Have you ever been riding during a storm like this one?

tharr said...

Hello Arlene
You gotta love the storms to live where we live.

Little dog, however, does not like them at all. With the exception of that, little dog leads a pretty lucky life though. As spoiled as she is, we aren't moving just for the dog!!

tharr said...

Hey Jim,
Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, little dog gets bored all too easy any more.

I have in fact raced a 2 day qualifier at John Zink Ranch in Oklahaoma while a severe storm dropped a tornado just a few miles (seems like it was about 4 miles) from the start of the race. Crazy stuff!