Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Post From My Buddy Mike

Hey. what's been going on? Remomber this weekend is White Rock Enduro. I thought about riding the event and I mentioned it to Travis (Mike's son), which was my first mistake. He said we should go for a warmup ride, so last weekend we went to Mill Creek and hit the trails. He wanted to ride with some of his friends so we looked them up when we got there. They are all about his age, 25. That was my second mistake. We took off at a good clip and they were riding my type of trail, single track. They would wait at each intersection in the trail, I would pull  up with my tounge dragging and they would smile, snick it into gear and leave about the speed of sound. We finally made it to Four Corners and I was toast but I wasn't going to let these kids know that, so they pointed at a trail and said those famous words that you always love to hear. You go first. So I did. That was my third mistake. I thought I was really moving, hoping that they would be able to keep up. Then it happened. I made one little bobble and they all got around me. Not that they aren't nice, polite kids. They all said excuse me as they were running over me and using me for traction. Travis was riding an ill running 125 Honda so he was having trouble getting up the hill. That is, the hill that I'm sprawled out on, and I had the best line up the hill too. He made three tries at the hill and the bike finally got so hot that the radiator cap poped off. By then he'd had enough pushing the little bike up hills and was ready for some different action so we rode back down the mountain and rode easier trails back to the truck.

He was cussing the junker on the trail but by the time we got back to the truck he was already trying to figure out how to get a 160 kit and hopping it up. I don't know where he gets these ideas. probably his mother. I think the enduro will have some pretty good trail, at least what I got to see close up. If you guys are off that weekend you should come on up.

Talk to you later. Ride safe.          
your friend Mike.


tharr said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. It was a lot more fun when we were 25 and terrorizing the other old farts! And I cringe when I ride with anyone faster than me (ie everyone) and I hear those words "you go first" - HA. Life plays a cruel joke on us doesn't it.