Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maintenance Log

I am a firm believer that you should keep a maintenance for your dirt bike. I have done this for many years dating all the way back to when I was racing. I now have an Excel sheet set up that keeps track of the mileage at which I do oil changes, spoke adjustments, valve inspections, tires replacement/wear, coolant flushes, fuel screw adjustments...basic stuff like that. I also keep up with what type of riding I was doing such as dual sport or hardcore single track. I have just started a log for my new bike and will share part of it with you.

Every ride after cleaning.

• Check chain tension and lube.
• Check your air filter, clean it every other ride.
• Give it a general going over to check for loose bolts, spokes, lube folding footpegs, shift, brake levers and kick start lever and check that everything is where it should be.
• Check all controls for smooth operation, inspect grips, cables for fraying etc.
• Check chain and sprockets for wear.
• Check radiators for damage and leaks, also check coolant level.
• Check tire pressures and inspect.

Periodically throughout the season.
• Inspect wheel bearings for wear and replace if required.
• Inspect swingarm and headstem bearings for wear, clean and repack with grease or if they're too worn replace.

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If anyone is interested in my Excel maintenance log, email me and I will send it to you to use or modify for your use.


Sharon Lynne said...

Hey Terry,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My husband is out riding today. He and his friend are going to go about 90 miles through the desert and mountain passes of Southern California.

I'll show him your blog. I know he'll enjoy it. He posts his ride reports but I can't remember where...one of us will get back to you, in case your interested. Have a great day!