Thursday, February 19, 2009

Living In The Grips Of Arthritis

I tend not to focus on my pain I have, but instead try to have a good time, laugh and enjoy life to the best of my ability. I am not going to let pain have that much control over me. That is until I have a flare up.

I began hurting about half way through my shift at work Monday night. I work 12 hour shifts on concrete operating a printing press that has 3 different levels (3 stories tall if you wish to call them that). We had a lot of problems with paper breaks so I was up and down stairs all night as well as crawling around in the floor webbing the press back together. This combined with really cold temperatures that rolled in Monday afternoon, a change in humidity and riding 120 miles off road over the weekend I believe all attributed to my hurting. By the time I got off work at 7am I could hardly walk. My hands, feet, ankles, knees and right shoulder were all fully under the control of the flare up by this time. I crawled in bed and slept all day, rolled back out of bed to a hot shower, shave and back to work. Tuesday night was no better and by the time I got off work Wednesday morning it had moved up into my neck. This is a new area for me and I don't like it. I am usually laughing and having a pretty good time at work but everyone knew I was hurting and just left me alone. They understand I am not mad at any of them ... I just want to be left alone until I start feeling better.

By the time I got off work Wednesday morning I was hurting so badly I felt like I was going to throw up. A flare doesn't usually hit me this hard, so this one even had me concerned. This is my fourth day into this flare up and the pain is starting to subside. My shoulder, hands and feet still hurt, just not as bad as they did. Anyone with chronic pain knows what I am talking about, you take note of all changes in your pain level, good or bad.

Hopefully this flare is on the down hill side and won't last more than 2-3 more days. The weekend is almost here and I need to ride!