Monday, February 16, 2009

A Lesson Learned (the hard way)

After riding on Friday the 13th and hurting my buddy Dozer (see previous post) I headed out with Randall on Sunday. We had both worked Saturday night (Randall worked 14 hours and I worked 13) and got off at 7am Sunday morning. We did not have to work Sunday night for President's Day so we decided a ride was in order after 3-4 hours of sleep. I arrived at Randall's about 1 pm and we loaded up and headed off to the woods.

We had an excellent day riding, found some new (at least to me) trail that was incredibly fast (40-55 mph) without a rock in it. We also missed a turn and rode some of it twice which was fine because the 525's were made for this type of trail. We got caught on one of our favorite trails late in the afternoon. The ice storm that had come through 3 weeks earlier had left a lot of downed trees and we were riding 200 yards, getting off of the bikes and moving tree branches, limbs, and brush. In most places the woods were so dense that you could not ride around the fallen debris. It was getting late and we were running out of daylight quick. We finally made it out of the woods, lit the 525's up and arrived back at the truck just at dark.

We thought our excitement was over. Boy were we wrong! Randall has a heavy duty lock on the back of his HiPoint trailer and the numbers are not highlighted with paint, they are stamped out of the metal. Randall and I both have excellent vision ... far off ... one foot in front of our face, we're both blind as a bat. We started my bike and aimed the light at the lock, Randall tried, I took a turn at it, we took Randall's cell phone and tried to use the light off of it to see better. All to no avail and by now it is dark, foggy and cold. We both had our reading glasses locked safely inside the trailer ... the one with the lock on it that we can't read. A bit of sadistic irony here but a lesson learned. Even on short trips when we're not taking maps, pack your glasses in your fanny pack! After 20 minutes of this I broke out into laughter while trying to read the numbers and yanking on the lock to no avail, Randall walked around the side of the trailer. I hear a muffled "I'll be damned" and I feel the trailer move. My first thought is "Great, the trailer has a flat tire also".

But instead of more bad news, it was some much welcomed good news. Randall had not locked the side door (something I still can't believe for Randall) which worked out great for us on this particular day. Once inside he found his glasses and opened the lock. It was well after dark by the time we loaded up and once again we have another story to laugh about.


Kala said...

lol...oh Dad. Good job you two. Now don't make me start giving you a curfew for riding because you cannot see the dang numbers on a bike. You could be eaten by a bear or something out there all because you cannot see!! ha ha. I can't wait to be old.

tharr said...

Thanks Kala, I was just looking at this experience from the dumb side of it. I hadn't thought about being mauled or killed until you left your comment -HA. Seriously, there are wolves, coyotes, bear and mountain lions where we were at.

By the way... being old is over rated.

Arlene said...

ROTFL!!! This was so funny to read! Interesting how the eyesight fails at such a close range!

As I read this, I could see and here your comments to each other and also feel the tension mounting.

You, my new friend, made me have a nice morning giggle with my coffee.

PS. I house sat for the last week and have a story to share...will post soon. ~Arlene~

mike smith said...

funny stuff. you might have to get a bigger site because the stories could probably go on forever. camping trips were always the best. just remember, no matter how bad a time you are having at the moment, it's gona be funny as hell 5 years from now.

tharr said...

I have a certain camping trip in mind to post in the next 2-3 weeks. Man, its amazing we lived through some of the stuff! We always had a good time though, and like you said, "it's gona be funny as hell 5 years from now".

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love it, the stories are just awesome, I have never laughed so hard early in the morning than I did just now reading about "Locking the Trailer" or "Not locking the Trailer"
I love the blog.
Have a great day.