Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dual Sport Christmas

I am new to dual sport riding, but what we (my buddies in the picture above the blog archive) do is more geared towards the woods than real dual sport riding.  If someone tried to take a BMW 650 or even a Honda XR650L with us, they wouldn't be very happy with most of the ride.  Three days before christmas 08, Randall, Darel and myself headed out.  We unloaded to what was a perfect morning, temp was already in the 50's, sunny and we were on our way.  Darel is a great guide and knows more trails than I would ever be able to ride.  Not to mention he knows EVERYONE ANYWHERE we go, which has come in handy more than once.  We dropped off of a long treacherous mountain with twists, turns and big damn rocks everywhere.  Once at the bottom we picked up the pace quickly and scooted across a river, rode a section (about 2/10 of a mile) of train tracks and were starring at a little slice of heaven in front of us.  We hit the woods again and rode the next 6-8 miles at a brisk pace.  That is when we came to what is now dubbed "Terry's Hill".  Oh well, at least I didn't have to die to get something named after me.  I had just bought a 07 KTM 525 XCW and the guy rode it (all 1000 miles) on asphalt roads where he lived (out in the country) so the rear tire was basically a slick and I didn't have the money to replace it yet.  The rains we had received combined with all of the tree roots and leaves that had dropped off of the trees made for very slick riding through this one part.  The hill, well ok, it wasn't really a hill, more about the slope of your average driveway combined with the wet slick leaves rendered the hill unpassable for my bike.  My cohorts were doing what any good buddies would do at this point... laughing their ass off at me! I literally was off of my bike and letting out on the clutch and the Terraflex racing slick was spinning but the bike was not moving an inch.  Darel, after he finally stopped laughing, came down and we had to actually push my bike up the 50 foot hill.  
After that we rode some incredibly fast, tight trail and dropped off of the mountain we were on to about 3 miles of asphalt.  Back to some more open really fast trail and about 3pm we ran on to a small town that we stop at on our rides.  They have a small store/restaurant that makes the best cheeseburger you have ever eaten.  After 90 miles we were definitely ready for one and after eating, started back towards the truck.  We hit a hill (real hill this time) that was over 1 mile long, that was steep with 2 sharp turns, ruts and large rocks strewn up and down it.  The 525's were made for this and I remember thinking just before we hit the top "I'm sure glad I'm not on my 2 stroke".  We ventured on, missed a turn, got lost and Randall had a flat rear tire he had to change before returning to the truck.  
All in all, a great day to be in the woods.