Friday, February 13, 2009

My Best Friend Randall

Randall is my absolute best friend. He would do anything for you and has helped me out many times. We have ridden and raced together as well as being roomates for about a year. If anyone needs a friend, they would want a friend like Randall has been to me.
It's kinda funny, we first met through our ex-wives. We had seen each other around town, usually with a dirt bike in the back of our truck, but it our ex's actually had a class together and introduced us. We hit it off and started riding together on weekends. Soon we were both divorced (about a year apart) and we wound up working at the same place about 80 miles south of where we had met. Randall had told me about this place he was working for that paid really good and worked 4 days on then you had 4 days off. I said that sounded good and he actually got me an interview with the place. At this time he was racing quads and I was racing enduros. We had a duplex and our garage was amazing. Wall to wall toys and tools! There was one race that Mike and I were going to at John Zink Ranch and since Randall was not racing his quad that weekend, he went with us. We got to the race Saturday afternoon, Mike and I got our rider packet and set our computers and made a reset sheet to tape to our handlebars. We then went back to town and got a hotel room. We had brought my mountain bike for Randall to ride around on and take pictures. The hotel was quickly filling up with fellow racers and there was a crowd that was gathered up on the balcony around the second floor. I don't remember how it started, all I remember is Randall saying "I think I can ride the mountain bike down the stairway". Mike and I did what any self respecting friends would do at this point... "I know you can!" Well, he made it ok down the first part of the stairs to the landing and turned the bike for the final descent down the stairway. The other racers were cheering him on and call it peer pressure, call it sheer stupidity, Randall attacked the final runners of the metal stairway the only way he knew how... wide open. He almost made it to. Mike and I raced the next day and returned without a scratch on us while Randall, who had just gone with us to spectate, came home missing skin and bruised!
Randall and I have been through a lot, he is a cancer survivor, I have RA and for the most part am doing ok with it. I can't imagine not having Randall and Mike to ride, laugh and do stupid things with.


Arlene Lukas said...

This is a great post! It sounds like you all have a lot of fun. If you were in NM, I would ask if "girls were allowed." What stands out the most is the friendship that is shared even with adversity! Life is good!!!

Do you allow followers to your site, Terry?

tharr said...

Randall, Mike and I have a friendship that transcends motorcycles. We have been through a lot together over the past 30 years and I know whatever lies before one of us in the future, all 3 of us will be there. By the way, I would love to have followers on my site if anyone is interested.
Thanks for stopping by.