Saturday, January 26, 2008

Colorado Rocks

In August 2007 I took a trip to Colorado with 8 buddies that I have either raced with or rode with in the past.  We went to the Gunnison National Forrest and spent 6 days riding some of the most impressive trail I have ever put a set of knobbies on.  Among some of the places we rode were Taylor reservoir, Doctor's Pass, Dead Man's Gulch, the Alpine Tunnel (actually riding the old train bed up the side of the mountain to the tunnel), Tin Cup, Mirror Lake, Cumberland Pass, the Continental Divide, as well as riding to Crested Butte and Aspen through the woods.  On top of the Cumberland Pass we were literally in the clouds.  

I logged 557 miles in 6 days, saw tons of wildlife, crashed my brains out, had a snowball fight in August, laughed and in general had the off road trip of a lifetime. I hope to go back this year!